The Phenomenon of Resonance Can Affect Change

Unbroken Streams

Urban city tall office buildings can't stop the wind
The tallest of buildings can’t stop the wind. Courtesy F. Muhammad and Pixabay Free Images

Today in my son’s science class the topic was weather. This sentence about the effect of an urban landscape on wind patterns struck me as quite beautiful. The sentence was:

“The various broken streams (of wind interrupted by the tall buildings) can combine and reinforce each other to become faster than the original wind. The phenomenon is called Resonance.”

8th Grade Science K12 Online

Resonance suddenly felt powerful. The definition implied an unbroken stream of wind prior to impact. The notion that a unified force when broken by jutting structures, rather than faltering or dissipating, would gain momentum and strength, filled me with hope. A confrontation need not break me. Obstacles need not weaken me. Via Resonance, these obstructions can serve to strengthen my resolve and momentum.

Make this the Era of Resonance

Protesting to protect the environment and reduce effects of climate change
Taking a stand. Courtesy of Leonard S and Pixabay Free Images

It occurred to me that Resonance could apply to any force of change. If enough people work in a common direction, although occasionally interrupted by blocking structures, the streams of activity could combine and reinforce to become faster and more productive than they originally were. Could we make this the Era of Resonance?

Step Out – Step Up

Youth raising arms in hope to an Earth prosperous and green with fresh growth
We are all human. Courtesy of Gerd Altmann and Pixabay Free Images

I feel Humanity struggling, gasping for air, begging for support. We sit on one side of a viewing screen interpreting life through multiple, biased lenses. We need to step out of our self-fabricated, comfort zones and recognize that beneath the layers of color, nationality, religion, and language, we are all human beings after all.

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