Objective Reality Does Not Exist – Get over it!

The Flowers are Real

purple garden flowers in a vase
Flowers do exist objectively – but can only be perceived subjectively.

My assertion that objective reality does not exist does not in any way indicate that I do not believe in God or divine revelation. However, it is vital that we recognize and accept that our understanding of what is real and our evaluation of that reality, by logic or by sensual experience, will always be subjective. Some contend that an objective reality does exist outside of our perception of it and that is not what I contest here. I don’t pretend that the neighborhood I live in no longer exists when I am not there to perceive it. But I cannot either suggest that my perception of my neighborhood will be the same as the perception my own neighbor may have of it, filtered through our very subjective and individual lenses. I don’t deny the reality, but I do deny that knowledge of it could ever in any way be objective.

Beings Limited by Space and Time

shadow figure of man and dog standing before a starry sky and bright full moon
We are bound by space and time.

We are beings limited by space and time and perception. Recognizing those limits and that they restrict all of us in one way or another, should allow us to open our minds to each other. We all move through life as journeymen, born and raised in varied circumstance. To be here, we experienced birth and to leave here we will experience death. But that’s where the commonality of our journey ends. Regardless, the struggle should draw us closer. This blog is part of my journey and an attempt to share aspects of my experience with the nebulae, the multitudes formed of cloud dust seeking to understand purpose and living simply and humbly in the meanwhile.

Who Would Choose to be Blind?

No Worries

toddler in sunglasses looking at reflection in mirror
No worries -even my reflection looks like a new friend

When I was safest, I didn’t know that I was safe. When I was happiest, I didn’t know that I was happy. I don’t mean safe as in protected from physical danger. I refer to the time before I had to feel responsible for my every action. By safe, I mean I didn’t have any financial worries, no obligations, each day involved a series of interactions defined as happy, sad, good, bad…in retrospect, everything then seemed simple. Although, at the time I didn’t see it that way. Safe meant freedom from awareness of accountability. The promise of ‘tomorrow’ loomed large, mystical, and alluring. Knowing that the sun would rise in the morning was enough to help me bear today. The world revealed itself a farce, but then it didn’t matter. Now, it does.

husband wife child hold hands with the world behind ideal family
The ‘Father Knows Best’ Standard

I see a man. He struggles to earn, to pay the bills, to bring home the food, to feed the mouths that eat and complain in the same breath. I see a woman. She made herself prisoner to the expectations of others, panders her soul to justify her place in this space. I see children. They starve for love and search the ‘Why?,’ while media herds them to conform. It’s a pressured cycle, spinning just fast enough to hold them in orbit, but not fast enough to allow them to break free.  There was a time I yearned for the ‘Father Knows Best’ standard, assessing my own experience as abnormal. I wanted routine schedules, routine goals, shared meals, laughter, love…hindsight reveals precisely how abnormal that expectation was. I’ve learned that I cannot control my surroundings or the people around me. The most I can control is myself, and even that challenges me.

Do you know what’s missing?

I worry for those who wallow there. They have not yet grasped who they are or where they are going. The cycle traps them. Inside they yearn for something they cannot define. They yearn till it aches and take round trip excursions in drug-influenced bliss, imagining that they have escaped, only to return further lost and deeper in spiritual debt. They don’t understand what’s missing. After all, modern scientists claim that they can only believe in that which they see, touch, and measure. They cannot see the pain. A doctor will ask them to rate it on a scale of one to ten. But who’s to prove that his five equals her five. They cannot see the love. Is what I feel the same as what you feel at any given time? How could I ever know? Pain, love, and hate are just a few abstract emotions that we claim to experience but we cannot prove. Does that mean that they do not exist? And what of hope? Is it real, if I cannot catch it between my fingers nor taste it on my tongue?

young child's hand grasped by parents' hands
Can’t quantify love!

Some things can be measured and some things can only be experienced. Can you quantify love, happiness, satisfaction or faith? To quantify it, is subjective. I know love is, because I feel it in my mother’s hug and my child’s trusting smile. I know love is real because I can feel its absence…acutely. I know hate is, because I glimpse it in the leer of the hater and respond in kind. It amazes me that we as intellectual beings are so ready to accept that love, hate, or pain exists because we see the evidence of its existence; but we are unwilling to admit the existence of an Ultimate Creator in spite of all evidence.

That very scientific reasoning that denies an Ultimate Creator, also denies the spirit, the self, the soul…And so, they wallow, unaware that they ache for that which they refuse to see. What they search for has been inside them all along. We are taught to count, to measure, to memorize, but we were never taught to believe. Who would choose to be blind if they could see?

The Arrogance of Disbelief

Order vs. Random

A moth rests on orange red blooms
In nature there’s order and purpose

I don’t believe in random. I think the word ‘random’ only exists as an antonym to ‘order.’ Tightly bound, limited by time and space, our interactions in this existence are completely causal, cause and effect. Thoughts or actions that appear random or that we label as random can actually be mapped definitively to specific causes. When I examine nature, I find only order and have yet to find a verifiable example of random. We label things as random when we don’t understand them or the motivations that led to them. When you step back and view all data, a clear, ordered relationship reveals itself. What you assumed was random, actually is explainable and the result of specific ordered, reasonable interactions.

Order is the Foundation of Human Physiology

All modern scientific endeavors, psychology, biology, earth sciences, or mathematical fields of study, depend upon and build from an irrefutable, lasting, prevailing order. Who made the physical laws? We have observed them, defined them, and used them; but who put the laws in place? Laws or rules imply order. Humans, animals, and plants obey specific stages of growth. In the womb or after birth, we have mapped and studied the development of each form of life. Based on these observed stages, we can project and predict.

Three strands of DNA magnified
A DNA strand in double helix form demonstrates order

Just reference the amazing order at the base of our human physiology, Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Nearly everyone is aware of DNA. Thanks to modern TV crime shows and the news, we know it can make or break a case against a suspected murderer. We struggle to learn about DNA in high school Biology and if we go further in-depth into fields of medicine, we  memorize the intricate chemical interactions of DNA in college Biology and Anatomy courses. I’m sure everyone has an inkling of what DNA actually is; this incredible strand of genetic code carries detailed instructions used to map out the development of our bodily systems and organs, our physical growth, and the functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms on the planet. DNA “contains the entire set of information essential for the survival of an organism.”  (1)

Spiral Galaxy in space with a central star
NGCC 4414 Barred Spiral Galaxy Constellation

The basic structure of DNA includes a phosphate group, a five-carbon sugar and one of four nucleobases. The sequence of these four nucleobases (A, T, G, C) follow complementary base pairing rules, A aligns with T and C aligns with G, always. And the order by which these bases occur within the DNA sequence, literally “writes the code” for who you are. Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, contains the entire set of information essential for the survival of an organism. And there are more than 3 billion of these ordered bases in one strand of DNA. (2) Can you even fathom the order required? But, don’t stop at DNA, simply reflect over the multitude of systems that maintain life on this Earth. Beyond internal body systems, look at the water cycle, weather patterns, seasons and their impact on agriculture and food production. The order, the patterns are everywhere.

There are some scientists who insist that this incredible multiverse in which our tiny, inconsequential planet sits suspended, came to form ‘randomly.’ The arrogance of that supposition confounds me. The deeper I delve into science, the more convinced I am that order can never form randomly.

The Order Activity

Try this simple activity that visually drives home the impossibility of a random formation of order. Take ten pieces of paper and label them 1 through 10. Place them in a small bowl.

Someone numbers small white squares of paper near an empty small bowl
Number the paper 1 through 10.
Small bowl with numbered pieces of paper inside
Place the numbered papers in a small bowl.

Without looking reach in and attempt to withdraw the number 1. After each attempt, replace the number you withdrew into the bowl.

hand holding a 4 pulled out from the bowl
Hoping to pull out a 1, but pulled out a 4.
hand holding a 2 pulled out from the bowl
Hoping to pull out a 1, but pulled out a 2.

You could try this a number of times but the chances of getting a 1 in your first attempt is 1 out of 10. So, suppose you are lucky and you withdraw a 1, now what are the chances that you will, directly after the 1, withdraw a 2? The chances are 1 out of 90 attempts. Carry that pattern forward, what are the chances that you will withdraw from the bowl all 10 number cards in order 1-10? The chances are 1 out of 3,628,800 attempts and that is only if I place each successively selected number outside the bowl. Now imagine pulling out 1-10 in order without a mistake. In reality, I could perform this activity to infinity and likely never be able to pull out the cards in perfect numerical order.

How is it possible that this amazing, specifically ordered multiverse occurred randomly? I dare you to use your intellect!