Reason #2 – Order in the Physical World

This post continues my 5 Reasons I Believe There is a God post.

Order Reflected in All Existence

5 colorful fingers
Count to five.

If mapping our natural and innate curiosity as humans is a bit too metaphysical for your taste, then let’s explore scientifically. Let’s examine the amazing order seen in the physical world around us. What does order mean anyway? When we are young we are taught to count in order: five fingers on 1 hand, 10 altogether. And we learn the numbers in order from 1 up to 10. Eventually we count to 20; are applauded when we successfully count to 100; and finally we learn that counting has no end, although it clearly has order. We don’t count 3 before 1 or 10 before 7.

Order Among Animals

grandparent with infant
All humans age.

We quickly learn that time is ordered. Some could argue that the measurement of time is a human construct. Perhaps, but why did we decide to measure time in the way that we do? It’s because we see the stages of growth from birth to death, be that death at an early age or a ripe old age, there is still a progression of change in between. We map those stages and changes and use those references to understand our physical peaks as well as declines.

We follow human physical development from conception through to birth and have defined expectations. We know that from weeks 6 to 7 in the womb, an unborn child’s eyes and ears begin to form and the heart beats with a regular rhythm we can measure. We know that from weeks 11 to 14, nails will appear on fingers and toes and genitals can be seen. In weeks 19 to 21, the unborn child can hear and swallow and mothers may now feel the young baby’s movements inside2. After 40 weeks of pregnancy, we know that the child may be born any day. Have you ever pondered this order of development? This same order is seen regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality. This order is not limited to humans either, we have mapped the same developmental order for all animals, wild or tame.

Order Among Plants and Natural Systems

young child plants seedling
All things grow.

Look beyond animals to the plant world. We place a seed in soil and water it and soon we have a sprout, then a seedling, then a grown plant ready to flower and at times provide fruits or vegetables for our nourishment. There is order in the growth and we don’t expect to have fruit from a sprout or flowers before we have a seedling.

Reflect over the multitude of systems that maintain life on this Earth. Look at the water cycle, weather patterns, seasons and their impact on agriculture and food production. Expand your view further outward and consider the order of the planets in space, everything in its place, precisely arranged and moving in ordered and measured increments. If that doesn’t convince you, draw your view inward to the inner workings of the physical body, the beating of the heart, the flow of blood, the precise pattern of inhaled oxygen delivery throughout and transport of carbon dioxide to be exhaled without.

The Order of DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid maps life.

Look deeper and examine the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) sitting within every cell. This DNA we now know contains the entire set of information essential for the development and survival of each organism. It includes a phosphate group, a five-carbon sugar and one of four nucleobases. The sequence of these four nucleobases (A, T, G, C) follow complementary base pairing rules, A aligns with T and C aligns with G, always. And the order by which these bases occur within the DNA sequence, literally “writes the code” for who you are. There are more than 3 billion of these ordered bases in one strand of DNA. Can you even fathom the order required?

Where does order come from?

parts of a clocks and watches
Spontaneous assembly is impossible.

Ordered patterns are everywhere. And some scientists suggest that this order just happened without a creative force to guide design. They propose that a random conglomeration of chemicals fell into perfect place to initiate all creation over the period of billions of years. By that reasoning, I should be able to gather the individual parts for a wrist watch on a table and if I wait long enough those parts will somehow assemble themselves into a watch. Scientifically and experimentally, order cannot develop from random ever!

Hence, Reason #2 that God does exist poses that the order I see in the universe and in all existence is the result of an intended and intelligent design. Please read my other 4 reasons in the posts linked below.

5 Reasons I Believe There is a God

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