My Book

Words are powerful. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, I'm concerned that rights take precedence over responsibility. Use words to influence, encourage, and affect positive change.


Gavin Jenkins is a 16-year-old boy whose object of ridicule, a large spiral birthmark, actually distinguishes him as a Journeyman. When Gavin was two, his father disappeared. He adjusted. Then he became the personal chew toy of Clem, the school bully. He overcame. Now, a good student with a good friend, Jake, Gavin believes the purpose of life is to go to college, have a career of some type, and maybe, someday, have a family. However, 'life' doesn’t agree.

Gavin is more than just an ordinary Journeyman; he's also a carrier and someone needs to use his skills. Pushed through a concealed passageway to an adolescent earth, Gavin learns to master his unique gift as he struggles to survive long enough to find and protect the key his father left for him. Gavin realizes now how much his father had sacrificed and he knows that he must continue his father's mission.