Money as a god

several ten dollar bills and hundred dollar bills

Is money your god?

Money has become a god in this materialistic world. People bow to money. They curve their personalities to earn it and compromise their values to accrue it. They equate money with peace and satisfaction. If this were so, then how does one explain the dissatisfaction of the wealthy? Those who crave it, bow to those who have it, blinded by their struggle. And those who have it don’t understand what’s missing.

Possessions have prominence – ever notice the cycle? When you ‘need’ something, you struggle for it. You shop for the best deal, you set aside, save up, strive to earn to buy it. You know that when you buy it, you will be complete. You will feel satisfied. After all…this was all you ever wanted to have. Throughout the entire process, acquiring it monopolized your every moment and took a lead role in each conversation with friends or loved ones. Your happiness hinged upon its possession. Then, finally, the day arrives. You have enough. You get it. You use it. You enjoy it. You spread the word. But it doesn’t fill the hollow. That wasn’t it. Another object entices you, initiating a fresh cycle. Each time, unexpectedly the hollow grows. Nothing seems to fill it.  Why?

Man pointing index finger, arrow pointing upwards with text success

Does success fulfill you?

Are we an empty society? But it seems so full…Expected accomplishments drive our lives: high school diploma, college education, job, marriage, family, then retirement. En route defines success. So busy-busy fulfilling material expectations, we rarely pause to consider anything beyond the material. Our each success unexpectedly feeds the hollow, its appetite voracious, burping a nagging sense of emptiness.

Can we feel complete satisfaction from material gains? That which we cannot measure by dollar signs or scales, those things we cannot capture in a photo or video, the essence has the most value – not measured or seen, but felt and experienced by heart. True personal gratification comes when we intimately and spiritually grasp the essence. Recognize the inter-connected-ness of spirit and body. The spirit has needs too. It demands elevation, not rungs on the ladder of success, but the exercise of intellect. When your struggle to ‘have’ correlates to your spiritual growth, only then can you gain success.

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