Body Surfers

A Radius Maintained

Beautiful curling Barrel wave

Incessant waves crash to shore.

We are all body surfers. We skim the surface of life, striving hard to stay afloat or ride the waves. Every so often one foot or the other dives down to the base for the purpose of propelling ourselves up and forward for another dizzying stint. We live in the illusion that we are moving forward. In reality, the currents pull us back, a radius maintained. The most important questions remain unanswered.

Don’t you want to know?

Are you afraid to see?

We persist, slowly consumed by an inexplicable emptiness. Some of us fill the emptiness with the pursuit of possessions. Each item, once acquired, provides temporary relief. Dilly, dazzle, and dance until the luster fades. Repeat. Some attempt to escape the emptiness by engaging in drug enhanced frivolity. Unwittingly perpetuating cycles of abuse, loss, and pain. Perceptions dulled to be sure, but can we ever really hoodwink our souls? We may make fools of the self, but, we can never really fool it.

It is aware. It is a nagging sensation of something missing or not quite right, a light cloud hovering over every accomplishment, an ever present sense that there must be something more to this life.

If you sit quiet long enough, the soul speaks to you.

So we make lists and rush from goal to goal. We shade the soul with shiny new frames set to trivial:trivial vision. I want to break the pattern. I want to hear. What will my soul tell me?

Two shadows cast onto desert sands

Me, or just the shadow of me?

Stand firm.

Press my feet to the base.

Know me.

Know You.

Then, know all.

Be daring…and join me!

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