Meet Melvin Marvin

Let me introduce myself. My name is Melvin Marvin. I work as a personal muse and trustworthy companion for Marlyn Mohs. I take personal affront, I’ll have you know, that the word Muse is defined as ‘a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.’ That’s…

Innovators of the Future

Children today are tech-savvy. At face value, this may be a good thing. “Oh, my Johnny plays the most sophisticated games on the computer. He has 1,000 Facebook friends.” However, Johnny, although adept at downloading games and navigating Vine or Instagram, is nothing more than a ‘user’. He can use programs that have been designed…

Pretzels in a Paper Towel

I felt like having a snack and something profound occurred. I took a handful of pretzels of uniform size and length and tossed them into a half-sheet of paper towel. At this point the pretzels pretty much fell where ever they fit, a few even threatened to escape. This wasn’t the profound thing I mentioned…

Who will pause for me?

Today has been hard. I want to explain why I choose to label today as hard, but it is far more complicated than that.  It hasn’t been hard for me, so much. But it has been hard for her. Some days she wakes with a semblance of energy and tends to her small chores. She feeds…

An Open Letter

I think the happiest moments of my life were when I held you in my womb. I felt magical and special. Things were tight. We didn’t even have our own space, our own home. Those external worries couldn’t touch me. I would lay with my hand caressing your temporary home and feel a deep peace.…

Shopping for a Home

So now I have to find a house. I’ve been living with and caring for my mother for four years and each year they increase the rent. In January, a letter will arrive announcing the increase in rent and asking us to decide if we want to sign a new

False Assumptions

It occurred to me today as I waited for my son’s gymnastics lesson to finish, standing inconsequential among many other parents of various sizes and ages, how many people I’ve never met and may never really know. These people and I share  a few moments of time, our paths momentarily cross, in

Can you count to infinity?

There was this kid in high school, I will never forget. At this point in my life, I am ashamed to admit, high school is a blur. I can literally count on my one hand kids that I will never forget, for one reason or another. Quite pitiful, isn’t it?