5 Reasons I Believe There is a God

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Five reasons to believe

Everyone likes a list. Three ways to improve your love life, ten ways to find a soul mate, seven ways to improve organic SEO for your website. So many lists. So much advice. I read an article that suggested I put useful content on my blog to draw readers. I spent days perusing the idea. I kept asking myself what do I know so well that I could share it with any level of confidence on my blog? And would that item be compelling enough to intrigue readers? Well, the best thing I know is my own journey, that unending struggle of development we all wiggle through in one way or another from the moment we enter this world till our inevitable exit to the Unknown. I don’t expect my content to change anyone, but I would hope that at the least it opens the reader’s thoughts to new perspectives. Hence my list, 5 reasons I believe there is a God.

Reason #1 – Power of Why?

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Inquisitive Nature of Children

An online study conducted by littlewoods.com1 surveyed 1,000 mothers and concluded that on the average, mothers field more than 200 questions a day. Being a mother twice over, I validate that number. Actually, I would suggest the number of questions asked is far higher. After all, that number does not include questions to Dad, sibling(s), friends, or teachers, not to mention questions thought, but not verbalized. How do we account for the highly inquisitive nature of children? It is a universal quality that reaches beyond all borders and manifests in all races and nationalities.

I pose that the innate curiosity of children indicates the existence of a Creator. All agree childhood is the age of innocence. Children born Tabula Rasa immediately embark on a rigorous journey, exploring their senses and building relationships in an effort to make sense of existence and their place in this incredible world. Carefree, joyous, curious, and open to new ideas, children are the best ambassadors of the existence of God. The miraculous nature of birth, on the one hand; the intense love and joy parents and even complete strangers feel in general for them; and their deep insatiable craving to understand the ‘Why?’ of each and every thing they see. Seen through their eyes, the world refreshes into renewed wonder and excitement for our old eyes. Like magic their amazement enthralls us and reminds us to look again.

I pose that the innate curiosity of children indicates the existence of a Creator.


Why? Questions

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You may wonder why ‘Why?’ questions lose frequency with age. Well, simply wondering this provides yet another ‘Why?’, doesn’t it? Perhaps, it is because we know more answers as we grow. In my experience, the ‘Why?’ questions never really end, they just evolve with and stem from my base knowledge. Consequently, the depth of the questions change and it becomes more challenging to find someone who can adequately answer the questions that I formulate. The questions persist but are not verbalized as frequently.

Purpose and Function

Blooming purple flowers
Why do flowers bloom?

‘Why?’ questions delve into the purpose and function of our world.

  • Why does the heart beat?
  • Why do flowers bloom?
  • Why am I sleepiest at night?

All of these questions lead to understanding the purpose of the human heart, the purpose of flower blooms, and the purpose of rest for our physical and mental health.  Answering ‘Why?’ questions brings us one step closer to finding meaning for existence. Answering ‘Why?’ questions provides the trajectory for the spiritual self.

Why is it so deeply important to understand purpose and to feel a sense of purpose to this life?

If I see the purpose in nearly everything in the natural world, then how could I deny the existence of my own personal purpose? I can’t. And this is why a lack of accountability disappoints. Accountability delivers purpose. If it doesn’t’ matter what we do in this life and we just die, if we are truly not accountable for our actions and existence, then there is no reason, no purpose to life. So in our carefree years, unfettered and brimming with curiosity, we ask ‘Why?’ with abandon. And in our older age, we pine for our youth perhaps so that we could do it again, do it better or differently, and all of that experience is our internal search for purpose. Every human being does it.

And this ends my explanation of Reason #1 that God does exist: I know God exists because humans have a built-in nature to ask and search and understand and manifest their purpose. Please read my other 4 reasons in the posts linked below.

5 Reasons I Believe There is a God

1Agencies, Telegraph Staff And. “Mothers Asked Nearly 300 Questions a Day, Study Finds.” The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 28 Mar. 2013.

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