Month: February 2018

Reason #5 – The Effect that a Lack of Belief has upon Me

I think the spiritual self is also pulled, drawn into an orbit. And that orbit is the Creator. Our inner nature is to respond to that magnetic pull, to explore the Source, to understand Why. The fact that we are drawn inextricably proves to me that the Source exists.

Reason #4 – Common Thread of Prophecy

All three of these major religions continue a common thread of prophecy that many people in the West are not aware of. There is a linear and chronological path of revelation that intersects at Prophet Abraham.

Reason #3 – Cause and Effect

I only need to understand that a cause is, and must be there, for an effect to occur.

Reason #2 – Order in the Physical World

Ordered patterns are everywhere. And some scientists suggest that this order just happened without a creative force to guide design.

5 Reasons I Believe There is a God

I know God exists because humans have a built in nature to ask and search and understand and manifest their purpose.

The Phenomenon of Resonance Can Affect Change

Today in my son’s science class the topic was weather. This sentence about the effect of an urban landscape on wind patterns struck me as quite beautiful. The sentence was:

You Keep What You Give

The only thing that you truly keep is that which you give away. Interpreting the action of giving materialistically overlooks the most important and valuable aspect of giving.

An Attempt to Clarify My Chosen Faith

In this article, I attempt to clarify your understanding of Islam by defining Islam and Muslims, and translating into English the words we speak when we pray.