Finding Purpose

The measure of humanity remains inverse to our measure of self. Without a higher purpose we will flounder, unable to define ‘What’s missing?’

Objective Reality Does Not Exist – Get over it!

This blog is part of my journey and an attempt to share aspects of my experience with the nebulae, the multitudes formed of cloud dust seeking to understand purpose and living simply and humbly in the meanwhile.

One Woman’s Value

How do we measure value? I don’t mean value in the sense of cost, the cost of bread or ear buds. I mean personal value, self-value.

Money as a god

The spirit has needs too. It demands elevation, not rungs on the ladder of success, but the exercise of intellect. When your struggle to ‘have’ correlates to your spiritual growth, only then can you gain success.

A Day in My Life Living Abroad – 2006

I share an email that I had sent to my mother when I lived in Pakistan. It offers a glimpse into life spent in a very foreign place.

It’s Saturday

I wanted to see them today…in the quiet. Do they know that she is gone? Do they feel her absence like I do? The stories from now belong to us. Her story has gone to print, no more edits or redos. And those of us left behind Chinese whisper the details.

Body Surfers

We live in the illusion that we are moving forward. In reality, the currents pull us back, a radius maintained. The most important questions remain unanswered.

My Mother

A Piece of Me My mother passed away December 16, 2017. A piece of me passed away with her. She was 84 and very ill. I knew that the day was coming. It comes eventually for us all. Still I didn’t want it to happen. I can’t explain how I feel. I can’t seem to…