An Open Letter

I think the happiest moments of my life were when I held you in my womb. I felt magical and special. Things were tight. We didn't even have our own space, our own home. Those external worries couldn’t touch me. I would lay with my hand caressing your temporary home and feel a deep peace. ...

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Shopping for a Home

So now I have to find a house. I've been living with and caring for my mother for four years and each year they increase the rent. In January, a letter will arrive announcing the increase in rent and asking us to decide if we want to sign a new lease or move on. Moving ...

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Misconstrued Second Glance

I was thinking about this today. When I walk by someone on the street or as I stand waiting for my son's gymnastics lesson to finish and see all the other parents waiting. These people I have never met and may never know, but with whom I share  a few moments of time, our paths ...

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Can you count to infinity?

There was this kid in high school, I will never forget. At this point in my life, I am ashamed to admit, high school is a blur. I can literally count on my one hand kids that I will never forget, for one reason or another. Quite pitiful, isn't it? That time period in which ...

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About My Work

Words are powerful. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, I'm concerned that rights take precedence over responsibility. Use words to influence, encourage, and affect positive change.